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25 Years - A Retrospective on Innovation in the TMT Sector

Review a quarter century of innovation in the telecoms, media, and technology sector through the eyes of industry experts

  • From email to emojis, voice to video, and one-to-one to one-to-everyone, see how much has changed in personal communications over the last 25 years.
  • Whiz back to Sonic, battle it out in Doom, race in Mario Kart 64, zoom in Gran Turismo, make shapes with Wii, make Angry Birds fly, then catch “real world” Pokémon – play it all again in our video games article.
  • Chart the growth of Pay TV in the UK using the Bass Diffusion model and 25 years of challenges and triumphs in the UK television market.
  • As the Internet became much more entrenched in our lives, there emerged a clear winner in the advertising sweepstakes. Read the story of advertising and Google.
  • Visit a telco’s central office (a.k.a. telephone exchange), and see how voice networks transformed from floors of noisy equipment to today’s software in the cloud.
  • From pulse-based billing systems to time-and-distance to quad-play bundling, a telecoms billing expert tells his story of the increasing complexity of billing over the last 25 years.

Read these articles and more in our 25-year retrospective on the TMT sector

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