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Network Virtualization Survey Report

Network virtualization is believed to be the evolution needed for the future of the telecoms industry. Is change happening fast enough?

Cartesian, in collaboration with Broadband Forum, is conducting a research study on the state of network virtualization in the telecoms industry. Broadband Forum is currently working on the complexities of migration to NFV/SDN-based networks.

Our study investigates the current state of network virtualization, what issues operators are facing, and how these issues can be overcome. The study includes obtaining views and experiences from senior executives through interviews and an online industry survey.  

The online survey is now closed and we are analyzing the results for our study.  

The report will distil the perspectives of senior business, technical, and operational executives from stakeholders across the telecoms industry, as well as provide analysis into the challenges and solutions to the issues being faced. Our report will give insight into how the telecoms industry can increase the pace of virtualization. The report will be released in November 2017.

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